Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April Photo Challenge: April 1st-16th

We are officially more than half way through the April Photo Challenge!
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4.1 your reflection
{before Church...with a little helper}

4.2 color
{OPI Cajun Shrimp...great summer color} 

4.3 mail
{mail at work...blah...boring}

4.4 someone that makes you happy
{my sweet girl. picture taken while we were in Naples, FL}

4.5 tiny
{a tiny basketball left outside one afternoon after playing with the kids}

4.6 lunch
{Carter was obviously exhausted after eating his lunch}

4.7 shadow
{my sweet boy on the beach...Naples, FL}

4.8 inside your wallet
{I LOVE this Thirty-One Wallet...mainly because it zips and holds all my junk inside}

4.9 younger you
{Spring '07 at the Deli Downtown}

4.10 cold
{cold orange sherbet before bed for the girl}

4.11 where you ate breakfast
{well, the kids eat breakfast here every morning...not me}

4.12 stairs
{I LOVE that I get to see 8 month old Chloe every time I walk up the stairs...one of my favorite pictures of ALL time}

4.13 something you found
{one of my new favorite stations...love my Sirius Satellite Radio}

4.14 how you feel today
{this particular day I was THRILLED to have a babysitter for the night...Carter was in rare form and had worn this Momma out!}

4.15 sunset
{I actually missed it this night...sadly}

4.16 flower 
{my favorite water cup for work along with my fun floral coaster--thanks Amanda}

Join in on the fun...still 1/2 the month left!


Yesterday, Blake wasn't feeling to hot so I took a stroll with the kids to get them out of the house for a bit.
You can't really tell, but Chloe was walking her baby and taking a very important phone call on her flip phone!

I also noticed that these flowers bloomed finally.
I am no green thumb...by the grace of God, they come back every year!
Pretty, huh?

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  1. must be going around, loren is sick now. :(