Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our Naples Trip

A few weeks ago, we flew to Florida for a work trip for Blake.  We had the amazing opportunity to visit Naples.  I have always heard how beautiful it was there, but I was amazed at how pretty it really is!  The weather, the beaches, the food--everything was amazing.  We got in lots of good beach time with the kids...and they both had a ball!  We stayed in Naples Sunday through Wednesday.  The final days of our trip were spent in Lakeland with Blake's Grandparents, Aunt, and Cousins.  It was a great trip with lots of fun memories with the kids!  Here are a few (well, lots) of pictures from our time in Florida!

On our way to the beach....

{we were excited to see the water}
Beach Time:

We had a great opportunity to take an air boat ride through the Everglades.
I'm so glad we did it!
Not something you get to do every day!

{Chloe wore her hair like this every day at the beach...now that I can do it, I'm hooked} 


Because I'm not SuperWoman and I didn't want to chance more chaos, the kids and I ate breakfast in our room every morning!  It was great! 

Our first night in Naples was pretty jam packed.
We ate dinner outside the hotel, had drinks in the sushi {once the kids were sound asleep-thanks Grandy & Jenks}, and enjoyed a yummy late night pizza snack!

Our final dinner in Naples was spent at the Naples Yacht Club! 
Our view that night...not too shabby!

 After our fun time in Naples, we went back to Lakeland for a few days to enjoy some family time!

 Our last night in Lakeland, we ate dinner at Abuelos with the whole family.
Carter was in rare form {in a good way}!
Blake, Chloe, & I got some yummy Coldstone after dinner 
{as if we weren't full enough}

We are so blessed to be able to visit amazing places! 
I'm so thankful for the memories we are making with the kids!
Quite a memorable Spring Break if I don't say so myself!

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  1. yes, you are blessed indeed! tell Jenks it's time he gave his honda service manager a trip somewhere! ;)
    love all the pics and you're gettin good at the braids, wahoo!