Friday, April 20, 2012

Q & U Wedding

Today Chloe had a very special program at school.
We were cordially invited to the Wedding of Q & U.
The Girls were the Queens & the Boys were the Quarterbacks.
The sweet Pre-K kids were the Flowergirls / boys and they threw out Quarters.
Chloe's Quarterback was named Jason...he smiled sweetly....sadly, Chloe scowled during the ceremony...
I guess she isn't big on arranged marriages!
The Girls were all set in their wedding dresses, veils, and bouquets & the boys had their boutineers!
{they really thought of everything}

{walking down the aisle}
{saying their "I do's"}
{walking through the bubble tunnel}
{both Kindergarten classes} 
{family photo ops}
{post Wedding lunch with Mamma}

Carter is obsessed with Chloe's doll strollers...
no, I'm not proud that this is his toy of choice, but...
he doesn't know the difference quite yet so I am going with it!
Last night, Chloe sat in it and he decided to take her on a stroll around the house.
He is quite a strong boy!

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