Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March Photo Challenge: 16th - 31st

It's already April--GEEZ--where has the time gone!
We've been super busy around our house with Spring Break and all...
but, I did want to wrap up my photos from the March Challenge!  
Here are days 16-31!
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3.16 sunglasses
{I've had these Ray bans for 4 years...GREAT investment}

3.17 green
{this girl was excited for the St. Patty's day parade. enough said}

3.18 a corner of your home
{it was hard to pick}

3.19 funny
{watch the entire video here

3.20 before / after
{dirty boy / clean boy}

3.21 delicious
{yummy hot dog at Drive One 4UR School}

3.22 kitchen sink
{kind of boring}

3.23 moon
{a favorite of mine}

3.24 an animal
{hate to say my son is an animal, but this particular day we traveled. he wore me out}

3.25 breakfast
{room service in Naples}

3.26 key
{room key at the Ritz}

3.27 name
{initials on my favorite beach bag}

3.28 trash
{my trash from the best low fat cappuccino ice cream...Carter even enjoyed a bite or 2}

3.29 feet
{wearing sandals before Easter; but its okay because we were in Florida, right?}

3.30 toy
{swings at the best playground in Lakeland}

3.31 how you relax
{on this day, staining the playground by myself was relaxing}

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