Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Loves

Wednesday Nights are Dance Night @ the Jenkins Household!
Since Blake has been in Dealer School, he has been able to sneak out a bit early on Wednesday's and join us.
I think Chloe really loves having both of us there with her.
I had to force her to take this picture {even though she loves the camera}.
I thought she looked so sweet in her little leotard and tutu!

Can't forget the brother...
we decided to wait out the class next door at Heavenly Ham.
Carter has become quite the handful...mainly because he always has to be moving 
{which means getting into stuff}...I guess he is ALL BOY.  
He is quite a different child than Chloe at this age...but, I think we will keep him ;)


  1. i love your hair in this picture. :) you look beautiful!

  2. chloe looks ADORABLE there. such a girly girl.

  3. Chloe is such a little girly girl & so adorable! & Carter has grown so very much :( Almost bittersweet!

  4. I love your style in this picture. Your daughter is beautiful but she looks weak. Take care of her diet.