Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

Chloe's sweet teacher sent me this picture from my visit with her class on Friday!  
I thought it turned out sweet.  
I was so glad to get to spend some extra time with her and her buddies on their 100th Day of School!

Friday was spent eating pizza with the kids & watching this great movie with Chloe!

She loved it.
We watched it 4 times this weekend. 
I think the Easter Bunny might be putting this in her basket this year.

Saturday, I had a quick Junior Auxiliary meeting and then headed to the gym to run!
I had delusional ambitions of running a 1/2 marathon..not sure I'm there yet, but I'm happy to be in the gym doing something!

Amanda and Brandon came to dinner Saturday night. 
Good times & Good food!
Amanda needs to be my go-to babysitter.
Her and Chloe had a great time--Go Fish, Old Maid, and Coloring!
Chloe was in Heaven!

Super Bowl Sunday was spent at Church, Walmart, Napping, and then eating and visiting with Brittnye's Family.  The Austin Family are always so welcoming to us!  They always let us crash their parties and eat their food :)  We watched the Game until 1/2 time and then headed home to get ready for the work week!

He has decided that drinking out of straws is his favorite method of hydrating...and he doesn't care who's straw it is!

Since the weather was 1/2 way decent yesterday, we took the kids outside before heading to watch the Game.  Blake thought it would be a good idea to let Chloe drive Carter in her truck....I'm not so sure it was a great idea.

Check out his face....Priceless!

Carter never denies his Momma of cleaning up messes.  His newest infatuation is going to the cupboard and 'getting' his own snacks.  This means he pulls all the boxes out that he can reach and drops them on the floor.  He usually ends up bringing me the Graham Crackers or Cheez-Its.  He's too cute when he does it so it's hard to get mad!

My best attempt to get a photo of Me & Carter

Everyone huddled around the T.V. watching Madonna!

Another fun weekend in the books. 
Glad Monday is over!

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