Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up: Kids Edition

This weekend was spent doing a whole lot of nothing but it was way busy...
ever have those kind of weekends?
Of course, I took lots of pictures.

I have to start out with this sweet picture.
I took it when I got home from work on Thursday.
He looks SO big!

First up, Carter sharing his snacks {that he dumped on the floor} with Riley. 
He's so sweet to share PLUS Riley licked up all the little crumbs...BONUS!

Saturday, we spent a lot of time just playing around the house...and outside for a bit.
The kids are starting to play really well together. 

Exhibit A:

They even share their food.
Chloe sharing her Banana.
Exhibit B:

Chloe pretending to be pregnant...I love the way Carter looks in this picture. His face is priceless!
Exhibit C:

It was a bit chilly on Saturday so Chloe bundled up to jump on her trampoline {for all of 5 minutes}!

Sunday was a pretty busy day. 
We went to Church.
Ate at 5 Guys Burgers and Fries {YUM}.
And finally, went to the Children's Museum in Murfreesboro.

She was texting me while we ate {not really, but I thought it was a funny moment}.

Enjoying the YUMMY food!
The fries were amazing and they gave us enough to feed a family of 10.

The kids had a ton of fun at the Museum.
Carter especially...he loved running around.
He is so much more like a Toddler these days...not sure what happened to my Baby.

 Chloe beat me at a game of Tic-Tac-Toe.

Waiting for the Animal Show to start.

Carter was obsessed with putting the pegs in this board.
He was very meticulous. 

Blake built  him this fort in the kids area.  
Both kids had fun going in and out!  

Our sweet girl. 

Prepping her to work at the dealership.
We start them out young! 

Now, on to a busy week!
Time sure is flying by.

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