Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday: February Photo Challenge

It's Wednesday so I'm Linkin' up with Jamie for:

I'm Lovin' that my first photo challenge is in the books.
I finished out the February Photo Challenge today...
here's a look back at the last 14 days!
{I post daily on Instagram for Iphone @franjenkins}

Day 16: something new
{Enchilada Lasagna...YUM!
It was a family hit!}
Day 17: Time
{Lunch time with our girl @ Rafferty's.}
Day 18: drink
{boring water.}
Day 19: something you hate doing
{Laundry and Dishes...enough said!}
Day 20:  handwriting
{A homemade picture frame that Chloe & I made together.}
Day 21: a fave photo of you
{Brittnye and I during our 10 year high school reunion weekend (Sept 2011).
Great times with great friends.}
Day 22: where you work
{Good ole' Jenkins and Wynne.}
Day 23: your shoes
{I'm Lovin' these new wardrobe staples--the $20 Jessica Simpson pump.}
Day 24: inside your bathroom cabinet
{Well, its the inside of my most used drawer...close enough.}
Day 25: green
{A favorite picture of my chunky man at 3 months old in a green frame from Hobby Lobby.}
Day 26: night
{My nights have been consumed with the Hunger Game on book #2.}
Day 27: something you ate
{Lasaters caramel mocha & everything bagel with 2 cream cheeses.}
Day 28: money
{This is where I keep mine.}
Day 29: what you are listening to
{Pandora, of course...Today's Hits!}

I'm Lovin' that I already have another challenge...if you didn't get in on the fun for February...
you can make up for it in March:

I'm Lovin' my time spent with Chloe last night.
She decided that she wanted to do my hair and make-up.
This picture doesn't do my hair justice.  I had 4 miniature pony tails in the back.
I was lookin' good!

I'm Lovin' that this week is Dr. Seuss' birthday!
As some of you know, he's one of my favorites:

So I was THRILLED to be able to visit with Chloe's class today to read another fave for her friends....

Thanks Mrs. King for snapping this picture for me!

It's stormin' like crazy in Clarksville today...and I'm Lovin' it!

What are you Lovin' today?


  1. Hey gal! You have persuaded me to try the photo challenge. Sounds fun. I just have to find my SD camera card...again.

  2. should! Its so fun and makes me take at least one picture a day :)