Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up: Valentine's Edition

Blake & I decided to celebrate Valentine's Day a bit earlier than normal this year.
It's never fun fighting the crowds, so we decided to venture out on Friday night.
Thanks to Don & Sandy for watching the kiddos...after we dropped them off, we headed to Nashville. Dinner @ Flemings.  YUM.  It was our first time eating there...and we will definitely eat there again.  It was delicious!

I took this picture for my 'Self Portrait' Day of the #FebPhotoADay Challenge on Instagram
I will be posting Day 1-15 tomorrow!

I'm in love with this dress...I was freezing, but it was too cute not to wear!

We started out with an amazing bottle of Riesling.
Thanks to our great waiter for the recommendation!

The Salad--me the house & Blake a Caesar.

We both chose the same main course--
the Porcini Rubbed Filet Mignon {amazing} 
with Fleming's Potatoes as our side {delicious}!

For dessert we shared the Molten Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream {again, Yum}!

1/2 way through dinner, I gave Blake his treat. 
It's a book that I made {thanks to Amanda for showing me this}.
The ABC's of our Love....
of course "C" had to be for our 2 sweeties.

After dinner, we rolled ourselves to the car and headed to the movies.  I had pre-bought tickets to The Vow. I have been so excited to see this movie.  I have to say, I was a bit underwhelmed...but knowing it's a true story makes me feel a bit better about the way it ended.  

This is our drink...we always get a large Cherry Coke to share...we've been doing it for years.

Well, as you can imagine on opening night of a movie, the theater was packed.  Well, Blake put the LARGE coke in the cup holder....the cup holder for some reason is not made to fit the humongous drink!  It proceeded to tip over and spill all over the floor.  UGHHHH.  We quickly jumped up and moved seats.  Sadly, a pair of lovely ladies had to sit in those seats with sticky coke all over the floor.  {SORRY}

Good music for the ride home!

We got in pretty late that night because the movie didn't even end util Midnight.

It was a fabulous Valentine's Day!


Saturday, we ventured with the kids to Chuck-E-Cheese. 
Not sure what we were thinking...that place is mayhem...enough said.

As if we didn't subject ourselves to enough craziness on Saturday, Sunday afternoon, we headed to Kid-N-Play for a birthday party.  Chloe was so excited to help her friend Savannah celebrate.  I must say, even though the place was packed out...I would much rather be there over Chuck-E-Cheese any day!  Both kids had a good time running around!

I have to say, this was Carter's first real experience with places like this...you would have thought it was the norm for him.  He wanted to be down running around...he would run right up to a game and start hitting the buttons whether there was someone standing there or not...he could have cared less.  I spent most of my time running behind him apologizing to kids and parents!  It was really cute to watch though!


  1. flemings has the BEST creme brulee if you go back!!

  2. He's getting so big Fran! Looks like a fun getaway for yall!

  3. I agree with 6l's they do have some pretty amazing creme brulee! & i will say it again just as i did on instagram I am in love with that dress! I am glad you both had fun! What was your thoughts on the vow fran?

  4. Oh man...Blake loves creme brulee...it will be a while before we go back. I think it's a once a year type of place ;)

    Ashleigh...ummm...thought it was okay. I love that it's a true story, but I didn't like the way it ended..left me hanging! Let me know if you watch it!