Friday, November 11, 2011


First, Happy Veterans Day! 
Thanks to all those that have served our Country proudly and bravely...including my own Dad!  
Love you Dad & thanks for your Service! is mark the occasion, my favorite boy and I headed to see our favorite Doctor for his 1 year check up!  Here's the rundown:

Healthy. Happy. Big.

All 3 I already knew!

Weight: 26.12 (89%)
Height: 32" (93%)
Head: 48cm (86%)

He is good and proportionate!  I'm thankful for that! :)  He also had to get 4 shots today...not a good way to spend a Friday.  He cried for just a moment though...such a tough guy!

He then proceeded to fall right asleep in the car like the perfect prince he is!  

Dr. Road said that Carter is ahead of the game as far as talking...most babies his age say 0-5 words.  Carter clearly says:
NayNay (his sitter)

He also said that there is no concern that he is not walking just yet.  He is close...he just needs to not be so lazy and let go of Mama's hands!

All in all, a great visit!  We booked our 15 month apt.  I can't fathom him already being that old!


  1. Look at that smile! And LOVE that little owl hat! Too cute!! xoxo Brooke

  2. Thanks Brooke. I could just eat him up...but he's mine! I'm actually a Chi Omega Alum so I snag anything owl related when I can :)

  3. That next appointment will be here before you know it. Margaux's is next weekend. Wow!

  4. The owl hat looks adorable! Glad you bought it.