Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Forgot to mention...

Before the fun turkey day festivities at Chloe's school yesterday, she and I met with our favorite Pediatrician, Dr. Roads, for her 5 year check up!  Well, things started off great.  We arrived on time (good), we sat in the waiting room and filled out her survey (good), we got called back in a timely manner (good), etc, etc....well, to jump to the horrific part of the appointment--enter nurse with needles to draw blood from my child.  I initially thought this would go okay...why?  I don't child HATES needles or anything to do with a shot.  Literally, it took 4 grown women to hold her down to get this done.  I guess they really  needed to check that cholesterol.  I think she is scarred for life now.  Chloe screamed bloody murder for the whole 60 seconds it took to take a tiny vile of blood.  Oh, to top it off, they had to then stick her leg for her flu shot.  Needless to say, she was quite hard to calm down.  I'm hoping they won't have to do that every year because I'm not sure she will ever want to go back!

When it was all said and done, I asked her if she was mad at me.  She told me no, "you didn't do it to me Mama."  Well, guess she is just mad at the Nurses!  

Stats from her appointment:
Weight--38 lbs (38%)
Height--44 inches (79%)

She is long and lean folks!  Dr. Roads said she is doing just fine in all categories!  

As of now, a clean bill of health!  She's a growin' girl...that is for sure!


  1. Fran, as I was reading this I got a shock about the size of my child. I'm terrified for Margaux. She is 16 months old and 34.5 inches tall that is entirely to close to the height of your 5 year old!

  2. wow, she IS long and lean (like her mama)! i think leila is pushing 50 lbs!

  3. Shelby...don't worry, my big boy is going to catch up to Chloe quick. He is 32 inches tall I believe at 1 and she was only 35 inches at 2...he is almost as tall as she was a whole year early! Marguax is going to be tall..that model material! :)