Monday, November 28, 2011

What a crazy day!

Well, today was one of those days.  Like my Best Friend, Brittnye, would say..."it's one of those days that I should have just stayed in bed."

It started off with getting rear ended while taking Carter to daycare.  It has been raining for the last few the roads were extra slick.  We all had to stop kind of abruptly and an older Ford truck rammed into the back of me.  Luckily, no damage was done.

I knew Carter wasn't feeling good...for the last 48 hours or so, he has been uncharacteristically fussy and has cried a ton.  Well, Cindy (his sitter) called around 11am today telling me that Carter had a fever of 102 and probably needed to go to the Dr.  Something I already kind of we headed to the Dr. around 1.  He has a virus and an upper-respiratory infection.  Yuck.  Blake has also been home all day with the bug...he's been camped out in the bed (where I should have stayed).  I had to pick up 2 different medications for Carter...but, of course, the medicines weren't at the same locations...had to drive to the Rite-Aids on both sides of town to get them....just to find out that the medicine we really needed hadn't been filled when we drove all that way to get it.  Luckily, I had the same medicine left over from Chloe's sick days!

On our way home from the Dr.  You would never know he was sick from this sweet picture.

So, it's 9pm and Chloe and I (the only healthy ones in the house) are hanging out watching Good Luck Charlie and saying a little prayer (please don't let us get sick)!

Here's to a new day--wreck and sick free!

Chloe & Carter on the way to stay with Birdie!

Playing Peek-A-Boo

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