Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

It's that time again, What I'm Lovin' Wednesday!

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Here's what I'm Lovin' on this rainy day..

I'm Lovin' our sweet family photos taken by Mrs. Courtney Zenner Wix.

Our sweet baby boy didn't want to cooperate when these were taken so we are meeting again this coming weekend to snap a few 1 year old pictures of him!  I can't wait!

I'm Lovin' Baby Toms!  How adorable. 
I think these will make a nice addition to Carter's ever growing shoe collection!  These might have to make it under the tree this year!

I'm Lovin' this funny Pinterest find.  This is so true for may not know it, 
but my REAL FULL  name is Franchesca.  I love my name, but it's a mouthful...hence why I go by Fran.
Never did I ever have a key chain, cup, or magnet with my real name on it.
Sad, I know.

I'm Lovin' the new marriage study Blake and I have started...I'm looking forward to digging in and figuring out this thing called Marriage...even though we are already 6 years in.  Never to late to start!

I'm Lovin' this very appropriate snippet from my daily devotional...Amanda was talking about this yesterday, and it hit me like a Mach Truck today when I was reading it:

"As I sat scribbling my to-do list this morning, I was reminded of an ancient adage that goes something like this, 
""Man plans while God laughs."

How true is this?  I spend my whole life making lists and checking it twice...when I really need to throw it out the window and stop worrying about the small stuff so much.  Who can't relate?

I'm Lovin' the final days of fall decor being displayed.  I found these adorable pumpkins for 80% off at Hobby Lobby last night...had to turn them on to enjoy them for a few short days before Christmas stuff goes up at the Jenkins Household!

I'm Lovin' these other Inspirational Pinterest finds...Enjoy!


A sweet quote from The Help
Finally, I'm Lovin' that this sweet boy took 5 BIG steps by himself yesterday morning.  I'm looking forward to hearing the pidder patter of tiny feed running through my house!

Happy Wednesday Ya'll!


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  2. Wow I love your family pictures! Very cool! :)